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Click on the link leading to the message. When it started playing, right-click on the box in the middle and select “Save Audio As…” and name it however you want. Also select where you would like to save it, or it will do it automatically for you.

Heroes of the Faith:

There is a great wealth of information that will challenge you and engage your mind and spirit, as you listen to these messages! Learn from the lives of those whom God used for advancing His Kingdom, and whose influence is a lasting one on the history of civilization. May Jesus Christ be praised and proclaimed, the One who inspired and strengthened these heroes of the faith, in your life as well!

Charles Spurgeon – The Puritan prince of preachers (P. Hammond)

Andrew Murray – And the revival of 1860 in S. Africa (P. Hammond)

David Livingstone – Pioneer missionary (P. Hammond)

William Wilberforce – The campaign to end slavery (P. Hammond)

John Calvin – A heart aflame and mind renewed (P. Hammond)

John Knox – Scottish Reformer (P. Hammond)

Albert Durer – Artist of the Reformation (P. Hammond)

G.F. Handel and J.S. Bach – Greatest composers of all time (P. Hammond)

Oliver Cromwell – Lord protector of England (P. Hammond)

St. Patrick – Missionary to Ireland (P. Hammond)

Boniface – Apostle to the Germans (P. Hammond)


More coming soon!


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