Battle for the Mind in the News Media

There is a battle raging since the first man Adam. This war is between good and evil, truth and error and darkness and light. It is primarily a spiritual battle, but it’s effects are seen in the physical world. The main battle field is the mind of man. If the devil can convince a man or a group of men or a whole society that his version of truth (a lie) is fact – it is easy for those men to be deceived further and compelled to act according to their beliefs. A great example is the lie of evolution.

The news media is a supremely powerful weapon in shaping the worldview of a society. News is selective in what they report on, and for the viewer that is the reality: whatever is NOT reported on, did not happen, as far as he is concerned. Moreover, the reporter’s or the editor’s perspective (or spin) is what the viewer sees. It’s very dangerous for Christians to let the mainstream secular news shape their minds!

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Battle for the Mind in the News Mediamedia spoon