ABORTION: The Doctrine of Bloodguilt and You

Baby killed through abortion

Will God hold you accountable for blood shed in your city? The Bible teaches that both individuals — and society as a whole — are responsible for what goes on in their land. In this interview, Pastor Matt Trewhella explains the biblical doctrine of Bloodguilt, and how the murder of innocent babies in your local area, has a direct connection with you and your children.

Many wrongly assume that God only punished the nation of Israel for breaking His law, but they fail to recall the story of Sodom, or how the prophet Jonah was sent to proclaim judgment on the pagan nation of Nineveh, or that Jeremiah was sent to warn Gentile nations of God’s judgment (Jer. 46:1, 25).

So how was God just in judging these pagan cities and nations? Because every human being is in a covenant with God. If you are alive today, it is because of this covenant. Every living thing that was in the Ark with Noah, and all their descendants, are in a covenantal relationship with the Creator, and the rainbow is the symbol of it. (Genesis 9:9) God promised not to destroy everything and everyone again, but He reserved the right to punish individuals, families, cities and nations, if they break His holy Law.

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Interview: The Doctrine of Bloodguilt and You


Green= without restriction as to reason. Red=Prohibited, except to save mother’s life.