Future Trends and your Family

What is ahead of us in the future? What should we prepare for in the coming years and decades? We must try to answer these questions by looking at the big picture. We must learn to think with long term perspective. The Christians are known for being hypocritical about the future: believing that we live in the last days, and that the ‘Rapture’ may hit any second, and at the same time, buying comfortable cars with payments for next 5 years, and building luxury homes to live in. If my parents’ generation in USSR would have thought that they are the last generation in the 1970s and 1980s persecution, and wouldn’t get married and have many children, then there would NOT BE another generation of Protestant Christians in the Easern Europe! This is where Christianity is strongest now, in all of Europe, because in God’s providence, they were not infected as much with Humanism, though sadly, that is changing now with Western influence.

This message is dealing with the mega-trends and huge geopolitical shifts going on right now in the world and particularly the West. It is a recording of Kevin Swanson’s radio show “Generations with Vision“, where he is trying to apply the Gospel to the culture, family and faith. Every weekday, Kevin has Biblical commentary on the issues of the day, please visit the website www.generationswithvision.com.

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Future Trends and your Family

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