How Socialism Will Fail: Lessons from Soviet History

Christians in America are watching the advance of socialism in the culture, in media,  politics, educations, and more. Should we just give up? Not if we know history, and see God’s sovereign will at work — tearing down dictatorships, and protecting and blessing His people.

With Ukraine being in the news due to recent protests and political change and the large number of Ukrainian immigrants living in the Sacramento-area, we lined up an interview Vladimir Musorivschi, associate director of the Slavic Community Association to cover the topic of history in the Soviet Union, and a lesson of hope that we in America can learn from.

We’ll take a look at how the KGB tried to infiltrate the Church in the USSR, how they used movies and other media to fight religion, how Christians resisted oppression, and how God delivered the Slavic believers from incredible persecution and broke the back of the Communist regime.

We hope that you’ll be encouraged by the perseverance and victory of the Church in the Soviet Union, and we hope that after listening, you’ll be able to clearly see the similarities between Communist tactics and what’ s going on here in America right now – although it may not be quite as obvious.

We hope as you learn how Communists used the influential tools of media, education, journalism and film-making for evil, that you will be inspired to be salt and light in our society by seeking careers in these important fields as well — using these tools for the glory of God, the advance of the Gospel, and the preservation of religious liberty.

Click below to listen to the full interview, or right-click to download:

Lessons from Soviet History

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