Just War Doctrine: Should the USA get involved in Syria?

The Bible speaks to all areas of human existence. War is sadly a part of our fallen world, and the Bible teaches us how to think about war and fighting, just as it has instructions on family and church. Christians FAR too often use pragmatic arguments when approaching this sensitive topic.

Sadly, most Christians either simply dismiss all war as evil, by a superficial knowledge of the Bible, or unwilingness to reform according to His Word; and thus betray or abandon all their posterity, churches, neighborhoods and countries to genocide! (unless they are defended by those Christians who do fight). Or, as many old school American citizens, allow themselves to be fooled by governments’ unsubstantiated claims and conclusions. As a descendant of victims of the Soviet regime, I highly commend the American people that view it as their duty to fight and defend their families using force if necessary, but I am astonished by the ease with which they allow themselves to be convinced to support a war!

We MUST get back to the Bible, and search for principles in His Word, and APPLY the Gospel in our daily lives. David Botkin, a military historian, speaker, writer – summarizes the issue very well in this broadcast.

Click on the link below to listen to the broadcast (or right click and select “save as” to download):
Just War Doctrine: Should the USA get involved in Syria?

Two Edged Sword


  1. The truth is the rebels chemed there own people to get international support. The evidence is getting clearer. Walid Shoubat has up to date info on the entire issue. What is happening is Obama is trying to Islamify every nation. It is interesting how he is such a healer of the beast power its creepy. I wish America was not involved in his brand of politics (Islamic). Every thing he does in the middle east is pro Islamic and anti Christian and anti Israel. He is so wrong sided involving us in his Sunni biased politics I am ashamed to be an American.

    • Well, America has been sliding down for some time. It is so sad, because God’s judgment is coming nearer, unless we repent. Are we, Christians, humbling ourselves and praying? If even 1% of all church-goers in America really did what God requires of us, and not seek our own comfort and promotion, I think there would be a visible change for the better in a few years… Let’s be these Christians!

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