What every American needs to know about Islam

Muslim terrorists, Islam
Photo credit: diplomacy.state.gov

In view of recent attention given to Muslim terrorists, and the reluctance of the mainstream media to tie terrorism to Islam, we think it is very important that every American Christian know the truth about Islam.

Christ said that the Truth sets people free. When you buy something, or sign a contract with someone, you don’t just believe the commercials or read what the manufacturer is saying about the product, or accept whatever you hear. We seek second opinions, independent reviews, look at previous track record, and so on.

Join with BillĀ Federer, a Christian writer and historian on this journey about Islam through the centuries, to give you a better picture what it is all about. Also please check out his website for much more resources on many historical topics by clicking here.

To listen to the one-hour message on Islam, click on the link below: