Lessons from the French Revolution

The modern age of rebellion against God was launched with the French Revolution in 1789. All communist and socialist revolutions are modeled after it. It came right after the American War for Independence, and was a “monkey see, monkey do” event. It was an attempt to gain freedom for the people, but “freedom” as defined by godless thinkers such as J. Rousseau and Voltaire. Freedom from God, morality and righteousness – and it was such a disaster, that to this day, the world has not recovered from it.

As Christians, we watch the modern news, and see many countries undergo regime changes. We must know to clearly tell apart a godless revolution from a truly popular desire to change the corrupt governments over them. Peter Hammond, a historian and missionary in South Africa, examines the fruits of this revolution to know if the tree is good or corrupt.

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Lessons from the French Revolution.mp3

Mainstream view                          VS                 Reality: violent, godless revolution


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  1. I just listened to your broadcast about the French Revolution and it was excellent. It sounded like just what is happening in the United States today. I doubt that children are getting this history in school today. They are being taught that socialism and communism are better than our Judea/Christian ethics/beliefs/laws. We are hit with this twisted propaganda daily.

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