Life under Hitler’s socialism: lessons for America

What was life like under Hitler’s national socialism? In this message, 87-year-old Kitty Werthmann lived through socialism under Hitler’s rule and draws comparisons to socialism in America — highlighting similarities in gun control, feminism, excessive regulations, national healthcare.

Hitler_nazi_trashListen to Kitty share her experience and enlighten your understanding as you see the parallels between the socialist agenda of the past with the socialist agenda in America.

What does this have to do with the Bible? We highlight Kitty’s story as a follow-up to our broadcast on Romans 13 by Pastor Chuck Baldwin and the limited role of government to punish evil. We hope it shows what can happen when government goes beyond its God-ordained role, and why we must have a biblical view of all of life — including civil government.

Listen below, or left-click this link and select “save as” to download: My-Life-Under-Hitlers-National-Socialism.mp3