New World Order: Resisting Babylon and the Beast

Dr. Peter Hammond traces the attempt to create a one world government in history, and gives a few ideas on how Christians today can resist it. It is a natural tendency of sinful man to consolidate power in the hands of one ruling king, office, organization or political party. Since the Tower of Babel, man attempts to build an Utopia, a Garden of Eden, without God, and creates hell and destruction instead, in the process.

To listen to the message click on the link below:

New World Order: Resisting Babylon and the Beast



  1. I just listened to the program Resisting Babylon and the Beast. I only got to hear the last part but was very captivated by the message. How would I be able to get a tape, if possible? I just heard the Pastor for the first time. Excellent message. We are studying Daniel in our Women’s Bible Study Thank You Sandy Cardoza

    • Hi Sandy,

      We’re glad you enjoyed the program by Peter Hammond!

      We’d be happy to send you two complimentary CD copies of “Resisting Babylon and the Beast”, if you respond with your mailing address to info@gospelapplied(dot)com.

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