We may not agree with all the views shared on these sites, nevertheless, we found lots of great info here!

Dr. Peter Hammond, pastor and missionary to Africa, lives in Capetown, South Africa. He is a great researcher and teacher. Has been on many missionary trips all over Africa to distribute Bibles and other necessary things to Christians suffering under persecution –

The Botkin Family, is a  great example for Christians. Their father Geoffrey, was converted to Christianity from Marxism while in college. He is a first generation Christian, but his vision and application of the Gospel surpass many. Together with his wife and children, Geoffrey Botkin has produced numerous projects, books, and seminars. You can purchase these materials and download some for free from their site – Check out their GREAT LIST OF VERY GOOD BOOKS here!

Isaac Botkin, check out Isaac’s blog here:

Bojidar Marinov, is a missionary, writer, speaker and translator. He grew up in Bulgaria, his parents made him study the writings of Marx and Lenin. After receiving Christ as Lord and Savior, he became a missionary and translates Christian books into Bulgarian. You can find biblical commentary on current events, trends, politics and culture on this site. –

National Center for Family Integrated Churches

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