Why it’s sinful to send Christian children to public schools (Pastor Ralph Ovadal)

The topic of education is one of the most divisive topics in American churches todaybut it is one of the most important topics needing to be addressed because how we educate our children affects the future of Christianity.

In this two-part sermon, Pastor Ralph Ovadal of Pilgrims Covenant Church in Wisconsin addresses the topic of education without compromise, calling on Christian parents to remove their children from the openly atheist government schools in America.

In part one of this message, Pastor Ovadal asks tough questions like: “Where does Satan want Christian kids to go: government schools? Or homeschools.” In part two, he turns to Scripture after Scripture to make his case that once a parent understands the danger and unbiblical nature of government schools, it is a sin to send their children there: “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” – James 4:17

This thought-provoking, biblical message is desperately needed to be heard today. As author and pastor Gregg Harris said of homeschooling in the 1990’s: “This move of God is the revival you all have been praying about…” He was right, but most Christians did not — and do not — recognize the modern homeschooling movement for what it is: a move of God “to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.

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None Dare Call It Sin.mp3 – Part 1

None dare call it sin.mp3 – Part 2


If you realize that as a parent you are responsible before God for your child and would like to learn more about this awesome freedom to educate your child without giving them to the state, please come to the yearly S.C.O.P.E. Conference  (Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators) on June 11-13.

You will find there an enormous amount of books and other resources to educate yourself and your children. You will hear inspiring speakers on a range of topics from music to business, and how a family may disciple their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

*This message aired on June 3, 2013 and June 2, 2015.


  1. Hey this was a great message, thanks! Where can I get the second part? Plz upload it or provide a link from where I could get the whole message.
    Or will u be airing the rest of it on next week?

    • Thank you. We will be uploading the second part for next broadcast because we did break it up into two sections. Thanks for listening!

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