Who was Saint Patrick? (by Dr. Ian Paisley)

Originally published March 17, 2014–

Although four-leaf clovers, the color green, and parties are all that St. Patrick’s Day is remembered by today, the day was once set aside to honor the man who brought Christianity to Ireland during the most troublesome times.


Although both Catholics and Protestants have sought to claim Saint Patrick as one of their own, Dr. Ian Paisley, a protestant preacher and a public figure, lays out the true story of this great man of God by reading selections from Patrick’s own writings in the 30 minute sermon below.

As we remember St. Patrick’s Day this year, join us in taking a few minutes to learn and celebrate the great deeds of God done in history through His chosen instruments, according to the council of His will.

To listen to the message, click on the link below:

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