The Worst Disaster

I grew up behind the “Iron Curtain”, where all people were called “comrades” and were supposed to be equal. It was supposed to be the “workers’ paradise”, a utopia without faith and religion. The Berlin Wall and the superior border patrols all around the 15 “free republics” were supposed to keep us safe from “capitalist infiltrators”. For some odd reason, though, the guns on the gun posts were pointing inward…

The “great feats” of Soviet engineering: cities, mines, bridges and roads that were built in the far northern parts of the globe, have countless bones of “enemies of the people” as their foundation. In these camps perished my grandfather among with other best and brightest people in the country…

Atheism was the official religion of the “workers’ paradise”. Even though the government clamped down on the Church of Christ, His Bride, the numbers were growing! And all those who acted as gods over the thousands of saintsĀ (of whom this world was not worthy) in gulag death camps, thought this giant monster would never collapse! Now they are either dead from alcohol or suicide, or living their last days with heavy consciences and in fear of the coming Judgment. Jesus Christ is King of Kings and He is the one deciding how long a regime lasts!

The Worst Disaster – is a message about what happens when Atheism rules.

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The Worst Disaster