Pastor: not voting Trump is NOT the same as ‘staying home’

Voddie Baucham, Facebook.

In a June 16, 2016 comment on his official Voddie Baucham Ministries public page, Pastor Baucham laid out a rarely heard, but critically important and visionary case in defense of the Never Trump position. Here’s what he said:

For those asking… no, I do not believe Christians are obligated to cast a vote in every race. Sometimes there’s not a candidate we can support with a clear conscience (I love the analogy used earlier, “Ahab for King… because, at least he’s not Jezebel). However, don’t fall for the false dilemma. Your ballot will include dozens of contests. You can skip one race (or more), and still cast a ballot where you gave your vote to every candidate you deemed worthy of it (i.e., for Senate, congress, etc.), so no, refusing to vote for Hillary or Trump is NOT the same as “staying home.”

Finally, ask yourself this. The past few elections, we’ve been told to swallow hard and accept a horrible candidate, or else the end would come. Every season, “this is the most important election of our lifetime!” and, “If we get this one wrong, we will lose our freedom (and the republic).” Two things: first, we lost anyway. Second, the world didn’t end.

But what if Christians had refused to support inferior, ungodly neocons, and the contests were completely lopsided. What if we had sent that message instead of saying, “you can cram anyone you want down our throats, but, in the end, we will take it… Cuz you own us… We are not principled; we are spineless pragmatists, and our faith in God is too small for us to trust him in such matters.”

Perhaps if we had stuck to our guns, we wouldn’t be stuck trying to decide between two immoral New York liberals. Perhaps then our best argument wouldn’t be, “better the wicked, godless, profane, unscrupulous, blowhard con artist, whose political philosophy changes with the wind, than the liberal whose political agenda we are sure of.”

At the end of the day, my vote is a sacred trust. There are no perfect political candidates. However, there are those for whom I can cast a vote without feeling like I need to go take a bath when I’m done… unfortunately, none of the latter will be on the ballot for president in November.

God help us!

Voddie Baucham, Donald Trump