The Gospel applies to all of human life and thought, and where the Gospel came, everything changed. The Lord has led us to identify the passion/gift that He gave each one of us and disciple others by presenting a real life skill from biblical perspective. These free workshops, are a fun way to learn a real life skill and learn about how the Gospel Applies to all areas of life!

Past workshops: (2013)

Hands-on Photography Workshop


Do you want to make better memories of your family? Don’t have any photography experience? Don’t have an expensive DSLR camera? Or have one, but don’t know how it works, thus operate on AUTO mode all the time?

This workshop will help you to improve your picture-taking skills. From photos of flowers, cars, things, to groups of people, and portraits. You can make great photos even with a $85 camera that you bought on craigslist 4 years ago!

  • Where and when: TBD
  • What to bring: A photo camera, even a phone camera works, a friend or two, and smiles! 🙂
  • Schedule: 1st hour – power point and discussion about photography, 2nd hour – hands-on practice with still life, landscape and portrait photos.

Survival Training Workshop


A real-world experience and discussion about being prepared for the unexpected. Whether your car breaks down in the woods, you get lost hiking, or the zombie apocalypse hits; you need to know basic survival principles and techniques.
We will be going out to the woods for 2 days and one night to learn, share and practice survival skills. So bring a sleeping bag and anything else you think you’ll need. After these 2 days, you’ll know EXACTLY what to pack next time. We are sorry, but this time it will be only for guys. In the future we may have one with both ladies and gentlemen.
Proverbs 22:3
“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hides himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.”


Sponsored by Slavic Community Association


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